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Why Hire an Agency?

Why Hire an Agency? 07 OCTOBER, 2018 When starting a new business, entrepreneurs invariably face tough decisions when they realize something needs to be done and they just don’t know how to do it. We let mechanics fix our cars; so why do we expect that when running a...

How to Really Calculate the ROI of Public Relations

Something nearly everyone in Marketing Communication, Social Media and Public Relations knows, is the value of communicating, reaching and influencing a particular audience. Influencing the correct audience for your customer to the point that they purchase your customer’s goods is the true success.

Offer Alternatives to your Customers

One of our small business clients in New England has a storefront on a quaint little street. He protects his business with one of those popular alarm services. About a year ago, he was having difficulty with the monitoring portion of his service. The alarm company uses a cell phone signal

Trouble Finding your market

If you’re entering a high competitive market where competition is fierce, finding your niche poses a challenge. In our experience, most local small business owners, it’s an uphill

Could your hours limit your profitability?

Could your hours limit your profitability? 07 MARCH, 2017 If you’re the owner of an independent retail business, whether a boutique or butcher shop, take a few minutes today to think about your operating hours. Like many small businesses owners locally here in...

Could Coupons Kill Your Business?

Could Coupons Kill Your Business? 28 MARCH, 2017 Restaurant owners and small businesses, when you run an organized coupon campaign, the public views your discounted price as your “true” regular price. If you’re a new business, the situation is even worse. Potential...

Small businesses needs to look professional

If you are one of those many people in the last few years that decided to start a small business (especially in the Cape Coral, Fort Myers area), the most important aspect is that businesses should look professional. Often small business owners invest hours and money...

Are you a Business Owner or Operator?

Are you a Business Owner or Operator? 28 MARCH, 2017 Astronomy Life Society Does your business demand too much of your time to truly be successful? Here’s a few questions to determine if this is the case. Do you find it difficult to look at the big picture? Can you...

Get your Political Campaign Found

Get Your Political Campaign Found 07 MARCH, 2017 Search engine optimization (SEO) is an absolute necessity for any small or large political campaign. When potential voters find your competition first online, whether through a search engine or social media -the...

Why Answer Negative Reviews?

If someone has posted something negative about your company, it is visible to that person, people in their social media network or anyone searching for information about your company.

Be a Big Small Brand

So you’re a small business. So what? That’s no excuse for not taking the time to develop a trusted and visible reputation of your own

Don’t underestimate the experience of your customers

Don’t underestimate the experience of your customers 07 MARCH, 2017 On a trip to Key West last summer, I had the opportunity to try one of my favorite beers, Corona, on draft. “Cool,” I said to my bartender I’ll take one. Being happy hour, I ultimately had two....

How much does social media cost a business?

While it is free to sign up for social networks, to get results, just signing up will not get a business achieving social media marketing success. A business must actually use the site, engage with followers, purchase advertising and publish relevant content. These...

Should your business hire a social media expert?

Should your business hire a social media expert? 01 MARCH, 2017 How does your small business approach social media? Did you hire one or two interns from Craigslist to “handle” posting? If that is the case, consider evaluating that strategy. For your social media...