When the Medium Ruins the Message

With today’s workforce spanning three generations, knowing who you’re talking to, and their communications preferences, can make or break a sale.

A little bit of research is necessary when setting out to prospect for new customers. When making first contact with a prospect, the medium by which you choose to communicate could make or break the deal. If you choose to use social media, perhaps a private message, public post or a Tweet to ask for a contact name and email, don’t be surprised if you hear crickets.

Professionals rarely make first contact this way, unless it’s culturally significant to the business at hand, and even then, the practice is questionable.Sending an introductory email or requesting an introduction from a mutual colleague is the right way to introduce yourself to a prospect. Doing so says quite a bit about you as the salesperson and the respect you have for your clients.


Offer Alternatives to your Customers

One of our small business clients in New England has a storefront on a quaint little street. He protects his business with one of those popular alarm services. About a year ago, he was having difficulty with the monitoring portion of his service. The alarm company uses a cell phone signal


Trouble Finding your market?

If you’re entering a high competitive market where competition is fierce, finding your niche poses a challenge. In our experience, most local small business owners, it’s an uphill


Are you a Business Owner or Operator?

Does your business demand too much of your time to truly be successful? Here’s a few questions to determine if this is the case.
Do you find it difficult to look at the big picture?

Can you trust your management team?
Are simple tasks being overlooked?
Are shortcuts being taken to keep things going?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s likely that you are too busy to really be successful. How can you fix these issues? There’s one simple word that can help, delegate. If you can delegate tasks to trusted employees, you’re free to truly be a business owner instead of a business operator.

Business owners delegate tasks to qualified employees to get the job done. They hire qualified individuals with skills and talent to manage operations so that they can concentrate on the big picture, being profitable.

If you’re stuck being a business operator instead of a business owner, take a day or two off from your business to clear your mind, get away if you can. During this time, determine what operations can be managed by current employees. If additional training is needed, research online training programs to educate your team. If bigger tasks need to be handled, determine if you can afford an operations manager and if so, begin the recruiting process.

By delegating these tasks and training your team, you’re giving yourself a promotion to a true business owner. Leave the operations to your team.

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Get your Political Campaign Found

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an absolute necessity for any small or large political campaign. When potential voters find your competition first online, whether through a search engine or social media -the competition is winning small victories.


Be a Big Small Brand

So you’re a small business. So what? That’s no excuse for not taking the time to develop a trusted and visible reputation of your own


Don’t underestimate the experience of your customers

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Don’t underestimate the experience of your customers

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MARCH, 2017

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On a trip to Key West last summer, I had the opportunity to try one of my favorite beers, Corona, on draft. “Cool,” I said to my bartender I’ll take one. Being happy hour, I ultimately had two. However, while enjoying my frosty beverage in the 95-degree tropical heat in an open-air pub, I realized something was missing from this experience…

I realized rather quickly that I missed holding the Corona bottle and squashing the lime down its neck, that citrus squirt in the eye and the gentle hollow sound as the breeze flows over the bottle opening. Yes, the beer was refreshing but half of the Corona experience was gone. I will never order Corona on draft again and instead be forever bound to the bottle because it’s more than just a good beer; it’s a ritual, an experience that I’ve grown fond of and don’t want to part with.

A lesson learned. Don’t underestimate the experience of your customers as you consider making changes to your business. Whether it’s a menu item, a service or a product, always research your customer’s needs and expectations before making a change. You may find the investment in a new experience will do more damage than good.

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How much does social media cost a business?

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While it is free to sign up for social networks, to get results, just signing up will not get a business achieving social media marketing success. A business must actually use the site, engage with followers, purchase advertising and publish relevant content. These types of things, takes time away from staff, or an outside agency could be hired, which is not free. To be effective in social media, an investment is needed. Businesses that are extremely effective in social media marketing are also paying for some type of marketing analytics so the ROI of social media marketing can be measured along with strategy and tactics. Combining all these factors will create a successful social media presence.

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