January, 2019

You know you have them, we all do. Those old social media posts that didn’t really get anywhere. You thought the photo was great, your caption was great, you selected a couple of hashtags and sent your post out into the world.
You waited, and got a like, and then a couple more. But by the next day, your post was old news as some new topic took over. Now your post is just sitting there doing nothing. It’s not alone, thousands of posts, many with extraordinary photographs, go unnoticed. Why? A lack of followers? A change in algorithm?
How do you get new life from these old Instagram posts? It’s simple. Edit the hashtags. But not so fast. You can’t use any hashtags, you need to do some research first.
Look at your photo and hashtag what you see. Hashtag where it was taken, add a location too. But is that all? Nope. Research some great hashtags and add them as well. While there are a number of paid services out there, personally, I like Hashtagify. You can test out different hashtags for popularity and discover related hashtags at the same time. You can see influencers and who used the tag the most, and you can see trends and popularity over the past week and month.
Once you have three or four new hashtags, go back to your old post and update your tags. Delete the old ones and update your post. With new hashtags, your posts will come back to life and get the attention they deserve.
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