PPC Advertising Common Mistakes

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is one of the most common yet misunderstood marketing mediums. The way PPC works is that people who want their products displayed in the newsfeed or search result pages of Facebook, Google, Instagram etc. The user need to specify the amount they will pay to be ranked.

Because there are plenty of people who want their products displayed, advertisement duration and space depend on people’s bids. There are 2 kinds of Ad campaigns – those that make money and those that cost money.

The way PPC works sounds deceptively simple: bid the highest amount you are willing to pay for each click or impression and watch traffic jump. Unfortunately, inexperienced users make the assumption that visitors readily click anything displayed in advertisements. No thought is given to demographics, keywords or the message given to the visitors.

Here are some simple, key points to help with your PPC campaigns.

Irrelevant Traffic

It might seem that an increase in site traffic is always a good thing, consider the fact that you’re paying for every visitor from PPC ads. You’ll want to avoid attracting “wrong” or irrelevant visitors. In PPC context, this means people who are looking for something that your company doesn’t offer and they were “misled” by clicking on an ad. Avoiding setting keywords as broad match, with variations. Focus not just on attracting more users, but on attracting users more likely to purchase a product or service.

Utilize Negative Keywords

Negative keywords help prevent ads from appearing in places will not the right potential customers. Without negative keywords, if a certain phrase contains your keywords but has no connection to your product, visitors could accidentally click your ad and promptly leave once they discover that you do not have what they’re looking for.

Targeting a Demographic

A huge reason why some products are marketed to a certain demographic is simple they want a connection that makes it seem it was specifically for them. Target your PPC campaign. This will save ad costs and reach the real audience.

Set and forget thinking

Novice PPC users think that PPC advertising is a set-and-forget situation. The issue with this assumption is the is no measure of the additional site traffic is contributing to your company’s bottom line. By tracking which ads clicked resulted in sales and which ones didn’t, fine-tune keywords, placement and design.