Our professional backgrounds, and continuous research and development provide customers with the latest marketing tools and techniques

The partners at SplashWrench are skilled with developing professional, coordinated marketing and advertising campaigns for small business. We work one-on-one with business owners and managers to assess situations and execute coordinated strategies for success.

Let us assist your business in shaping your brand that sets itself apart from the competition. 

Jim George ( Managing Director )

Brand identity is the way you define your business to yourself, external audiences, and your employees.

Branding encompasses the core of what your business is and what you value. It’s your tagline, your advertising messaging, signage, employees and social media


Who We Are


Internet Marketing

Marketing campaigns coordinated for targeted exposure and the right fit for your business and your budget.

Website Design

Professional web design, development, & optimization by SplashWrench Design and Marketing. Leverage our 10+ years of hands-on experience with successful website projects.


Branding identifies and symbolizes a company or product in the minds of customers. An effective logo is foundational to identity design.

Advertising Placement

Our team know the correct advertising avenues and have the connections needed to get your information out to where it will have the most effect idriving traffic to your internet and business

Email Marketing

Email is a great way for any business to connect with their audience, promote their brand and increase sales with proven ROI

Social Media

Running a social media campaign is a full time job. Partner with SplashWrench's social media experts to solidify your businesses reputation online.