Is your web designer old enough to drive?

Recently, I was sitting down with a potential client who had a one-person operation in the automotive services industry. He told us how he didn’t have a marketing plan yet and was just getting started with his business. He asked my advice on promotion, publicity and things he could do to get the word out about his business and we shared some free advice with him.

Then came a moment of truth.

We asked if he would like a website for his new business and he said he has someone working on it. Without asking, he told us how a local high school teacher is pushing the skills of a 9th grader as a talented designer who is pumping out websites for practically nothing.

I said to myself: If I had invested thousands of dollars and months of my time getting my new business off the ground, would I trust one of the most important visual and communication tools to someone who isn’t even old enough to drive?

Clearly some strong consideration for one’s future must take place at this point. Our potential client may be pleased with his $25 website but in short order we expect he will have some issues that will not take priority over soccer practice, the freshman dance or Saturday at the beach.

Please consider your businesses future, your reputation and your investment in your own business when thinking about a website. You have too much at stake to risk on someone who’s not even old enough to drive.

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