Should I invest in print collateral?

SplashWrench Design and Marketing encourages clients to take advantage of all the print processes that are available. Many times, whether it be because they are in a rush or it just slips their minds, customers opt for more typical printing methods: four-color process on a standard house sheet. Maybe using a spot color if the project warrants it.
With the advancement of interactive communications such as email, online advertising, social media, etc., print has taken it on the chin. Fewer clients request print and fewer agencies recommend print. Therefore, when starting a print project, have a look at the variety of techniques available: emboss, spot varnish and UV, custom bindery, foil, metallic inks, laser cutting, custom die cutting, etc. Many of the enhancements due technology have become extremely competitive over the last 5 years.
As a caveat, don’t just use it because it’s there, but look for opportunities where the use of a non-standard printing technique fits the goals for the project and supports the strategy behind the creative.
On your businesses’ next print project, take a step back to review all the different options that can be employed. If you are our client, consult with us for ideas. If you not a client, ask your agency if additional print techniques could be used to push your projects further for little or small additional costs.

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