Spend Your Marketing Dollars Effectively


FEB, 2017

At many meetings with small business owners that say they are doing marketing and start showing us the materials they have produced by a variety of means, local copy shops, sign shops, coupon printers, freelancers etc. In reviewing the materials, a pattern started to emerge, every item designed had absolutely no regard for marketing strategy – each item was individually created.
With more and more businesses opening or claiming to be marketing companies or serving as a marketing department or marketing services, small business owners should be educated on what agencies actually do, instead of just simply added the word to their services.
How to market your business effectively and assisting a companies marketing efforts is much more than just designing a flyer, sign, postcard or website. To properly come up with a marketing strategy, we as an agency need to understand who you do business with and what the overall growth strategy is. A good agency will sit down with you and make sure they understand what type of business and industry the product or service etc. Having this type of information will allow an agency to make the marketing material be effective.
So what is the solution for a small business owner trying to implement a marketing strategy? Simple as that questions sounds, the answer is not quite as simple. Marketing costs time and money. Small business owners need to be selective about marketing and where to spend your marketing budget. Start by picking the core pieces that will help build your brand and your business, spend a little more on those core pieces if need be. This will give you a great foundation to work from, a strategy to work with and ideally help grow your business.