Don’t underestimate the experience of your customers


MARCH, 2017

On a trip to Key West last summer, I had the opportunity to try one of my favorite beers, Corona, on draft. “Cool,” I said to my bartender I’ll take one. Being happy hour, I ultimately had two. However, while enjoying my frosty beverage in the 95-degree tropical heat in an open-air pub, I realized something was missing from this experience…

I realized rather quickly that I missed holding the Corona bottle and squashing the lime down its neck, that citrus squirt in the eye and the gentle hollow sound as the breeze flows over the bottle opening. Yes, the beer was refreshing but half of the Corona experience was gone. I will never order Corona on draft again and instead be forever bound to the bottle because it’s more than just a good beer; it’s a ritual, an experience that I’ve grown fond of and don’t want to part with.

A lesson learned. Don’t underestimate the experience of your customers as you consider making changes to your business. Whether it’s a menu item, a service or a product, always research your customer’s needs and expectations before making a change. You may find the investment in a new experience will do more damage than good.