Are you a Business Owner or Operator?

Does your business demand too much of your time to truly be successful? Here’s a few questions to determine if this is the case.
Do you find it difficult to look at the big picture?

Can you trust your management team?
Are simple tasks being overlooked?
Are shortcuts being taken to keep things going?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s likely that you are too busy to really be successful. How can you fix these issues? There’s one simple word that can help, delegate. If you can delegate tasks to trusted employees, you’re free to truly be a business owner instead of a business operator.

Business owners delegate tasks to qualified employees to get the job done. They hire qualified individuals with skills and talent to manage operations so that they can concentrate on the big picture, being profitable.

If you’re stuck being a business operator instead of a business owner, take a day or two off from your business to clear your mind, get away if you can. During this time, determine what operations can be managed by current employees. If additional training is needed, research online training programs to educate your team. If bigger tasks need to be handled, determine if you can afford an operations manager and if so, begin the recruiting process.

By delegating these tasks and training your team, you’re giving yourself a promotion to a true business owner. Leave the operations to your team.

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