Get your Political Campaign Found

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an absolute necessity for any small or large political campaign. When potential voters find your competition first online, whether through a search engine or social media -the competition is winning small victories.

Keywords are the terms that people searching may use to find you. Give some thought to how your campaign or cause can be found online

Here are some basic points for your campaign website:

  • Party affiliation for primary
  • District or Race (ex. Lee County Commissioner or 2nd Congressional District 19 Florida)
  • Election year and type (ex. 2014 Collier County primary candidates or 2014 FL Congressional candidates)
  • Location such as city, county, state etc. (i.e. Orange County or Cape Coral, FL)
  • Issues (i.e. FL Business Tax Reform)
  • Opponent name(s) to draw traffic from them to you
  • Add a page on your website for absentee ballots or voter precinct information and choose keywords associated with the page (i.e. 2022 Lee County absentee ballot)
  • 20-30 relevant words that relate to your campaign or cause.
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