Small businesses needs to look professional

If you are one of those many people in the last few years that decided to start a small business (especially in the Cape Coral, Estero or Fort Myers area), the most important aspect is that businesses should look professional. Often small business owners invest hours and money in training, tools and equipment, but do not often invest in their own branding.

There are many reasons why many logos look unprofessional, some of the reasons can be obvious but more than likely fall into the many reasons we hear regularly:

  • My (insert relative here) loves doing logos for people
  • My (insert acquaintance here) came up with this – isn’t it great?
  • The owner wants to save money
  • Wrong company is hired to produce a logo and marketing materials (local sign shops and printers are not likely proficient at logo design)
  • The owner placed a typical ad on a website such as Craigslist for a competition, trade, “student or intern needed”

What are the advantages of hiring an ad agency such as SplashWrench Design and Marketing to create your branding and marketing materials? The advantages are many, but your business will avoid the pitfalls such as reproducing the logo on a variety of media, it will leave a memorable impression on potential customers and have the lifespan of a few years so it will be unnecessary to redesign your logo and all the collateral material for your business every couple of years.

Most importantly your small business will look professional.

Let us help. Contact SplashWrench today.

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