PR's Value can be Measured

How to Really Calculate the ROI of Public Relations

Something nearly everyone in Marketing Communication, Social Media and Public Relations knows, is the value of communicating, reaching and influencing a particular audience. Influencing the correct audience for your customer to the point that they purchase your customer’s goods is the true success.

But, what if there was more to measure than just sales?

In this article by Robert Wynne, he speaks with Dr. David Rockland of Ketchum on the Barcelona Principles of Measuring PR. Here’s a brief excerpt. Read the full article at the link below.

Robert Wynne: Can you measure PR?
David Rockland:  Yes.  You measure PR by answering one or more of the following questions:

Outputs: Did you reach or engage your target audience with the messages or content you intended?
Outcomes: As a result of reaching or engaging that audience, did they change in the sense of their awareness, comprehension, attitude, behavior and/or advocacy?
Organizational Results: What were the effects on the organizations as a result of the changes in the audience, often measured in sales, market share, employee engagement, advocacy, donations, etc.

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